Monday, December 3, 2012

Messy Toddler

Selah Grace is a toddler.. and a very very messy one.  She can tear apart a room faster than you could even think about cleaning it.   I will forever remember visions of yogurt on her face and dripping off of her chin, or our game cabinet open with a trail of skipbo cards leading me to a secret hiding spot, or crayons half eaten by our terrorist Ginger that were dropped on the floor after being used as a wall decorating tool.  Peanut butter hands on the refrigerator and snot laced dishtowels... these things make me smile.  Don't get me wrong.. it's super annoying to find a mess after working so hard to clean.  BUT.. my day would be so boring if she wasn't here to make it messy.  I love my messy little toddler. 

the messy toddler

coloring is her favorite

her love for sweets grows by the day

she's even a mess in the car.. with chick-fil-a of course :)

I love you just how God made you, Selah Grace!

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