Monday, December 3, 2012

Sterling's Baby Dedication

This summer we were able to dedicate our little Sterling to the Lord at church.  We know that as Sterling's parents we have a huge responsibility to be Jesus in his life.  To walk out our faith and point him toward his heavenly father.  It is such a privilege to live in a country where we can stand on a stage and publicly give our child over to the Lord.  What an amazing gift.  We can talk openly and freely about Christ in our home and we do and will take full advantage of it for as long as we may live.  Thank you Lord for Sterling.  He is the most incredible blessing we could have ever asked for.  His joyous and bold personality, we pray, will be used to glorify your name.  We love you so very much James Sterling Wagner!

Aunt Audrey (my best friend) came to see Sterling dedicated! We love you auntie Audrey!

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