Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Andrew is going to Africa!!!

I am so excited to share with you about my hubby's upcoming trip to Africa with our church (The Bridge Fellowship) to a community outside of Sierra Leone named Hope Town.  We both feel that Andrew is being called by God to make this venture.  It will take place in June and will be a construction mission trip.

I cannot begin to express how proud it makes me to watch the guy I married, the leader of our home, to take a step out of his comfort zone and serve in a way that he has never even dreamed of doing before.  God is going to do great things with you, Andrew.  I just know it :)

To help Andrew reach his hefty $3500 goal I have set up several photography packages in hopes that we can make a big dent in that total.  Below is the flyer for the packages:

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To find out more information about my photography packages you can visit my website HERE.
You can also choose to follow his trip and/or make donations at his website: www.andrewisgoing2africa.com

Click here to donate:

Below is a letter that Andrew has written to those interested in helping him with his trip.  Reading this makes me proud to be his wife :)

Africa..... Wow, I never thought I would ever commit to such a voyage, or even move away from Texas.  I can honestly say that I do not always know what God desires for me and my family, but I do know that He is moving in our lives. When I heard that our church was planning a mission trip with Just Hope International, I felt God calling me to take this leap of faith.  At first, there were no details about this trip, the only information provided was, Sierra Leone in June. I have always been doubtful as to what God given gift I have been blessed with, but as most of you know I am built like a water buffalo and as stubborn as a donkey. So when they announced that this would be a construction trip, and would require hard labor, I was “ALL IN!” I know, I am weird, but I love to work! Now, I still would have gone if the trip was to pass out pamphlets, but I really wanted to WORK for the Lord. 
 I know that we are supposed to be bold in our faith, but as most you know, I am not the most talkative individual.  I want to use the gifts that the God has given me to reach others for Him. I truly believe that God is calling me to serve and minister through my actions.  I have great expectations for this time to serve and my family’s growth because of it.  
 So here I am, now awaiting June’s arrival, preparing for my departure, and dreading planning the immunization shots.  Our trip will last one week and during our time there we will be building parts of a community (Hope Town) including an orphanage.  With your support, prayers, and donations, God will truly be able to move in mighty ways.
Thank you in advance for your support, prayers, and generous donations.  I cannot wait to share the stories of what God is doing in Hope Town, Africa.   
God Bless,
Andrew Wagner

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