Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring has sprung!

Spring has officially sprung this year!  Everything in our yard looks absolutely beautiful!  This year we will have four giant raised garden beds in the backyard producing everything from corn to green beans and my favorite.... squash!  My garden is just now getting started so there is not much progress, but once that temperature hits 85 or 90 those plants will be hopping.  The peach trees and apple trees however are already on their way to producing yummy fruit.  The blooms are absolutely gorgeous this year.. take a look:
Look at the beautiful hot pink blooms on our peach trees this year!!

The apple blossoms are in full bloom as well!

Looks like we are going to have a ton of apples come Autumn!

This is my first year to plant several strawberry plants!  Can't wait for all this yummy fruit!
Here's to hoping that this year's crop is a big healthy one :)

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