Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enjoying the messy moments of my day

Today, I woke up to drizzle and fog.  I fought every ounce of my being not to roll over and drift back off.  As I laid there, I began to think on everything I needed to get done today.  My to do list was growing the longer I laid there.  A lot of the time, I have an inward struggle about feeling like I never do enough or anything good enough during the day.  The truth is that that is just the enemy trying to steal my joy in the midst of my day.  Sometimes we have a hard time not stopping and noticing the beauty even in the messy moments of life.  So many people will tell you to cherish those moments because they are gone so fast.  To be in love with milk running down their face as they give you a mid-breakfast smile

Or to not curse the little chair that always seem to be in the way of your walking path.
That little finger and lip prints will soon turn into big finger and lip prints and then will eventually fade away.

That stopping what you are doing to acknowledge the artwork and hang it on display is important to the little one who created it.

To not fret at a messy table when your toddler pushes all of his food off his plate and launches it like a frisbee across the kitchen.

To chuckle when you find a squishy toddler bottom sitting on your feet as you scramble to get breakfast made for your family.
To let your children make a mess and learn to clean up.  To cook you plastic hot dogs and dress you up like a princess.

And not get too frustrated when you find your little ones digging in drawers.... again.  They may only be looking for their "gwass swippers" (glass slippers).
They need to have you explain that they are a princess of the most high King.  
 And that eating dog food is funny gross and a big No-No!
Get on their level.  You only have a short time to see things at this perspective.
And snack time.... it's a must for the kids and mommy.  God bless coffee and goldfish.

And yes, you are not a bad Mom for being super excited that nap time is drawing near :).

This is what my beautiful mess looked like this morning on this rainy day.  A drooling and 3/4 of the way naked little boy and a crazy haired little girl.  Not much got done on my to-do list.. but I wouldn't have had it any other way :).

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