Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prison Ministry

Today, The Soul Choir had two concerts. Our concerts were in a prison here in Nashville- not only for the inmates but also for their families. The 11:30 am concert was for the woman inmates and their children. This was an easier concert, emotionally. The children seemed much more happy to crawl into their mothers lap. I can only imagine what those little ones go through having the one who is supposed to be their nurturer in prison. The women were so overwhelmed that when it was time to say goodbye to their family members and especially their children it was hard to keep tears from coming to my eyes. The male inmate concert was even more rough. This concert was at 1pm and there were lots of wives and girlfriends that came with their children. Not many kids wanted to crawl in their daddy's lap or run to him when they saw him. The environment was completely different. This just shows me how important it is for fathers to step up in our society and take charge against adultery, abuse, abandon, or crime that eventually leads to prison. The destruction in the eyes of their spouses was hard to see. The resentment I saw in many single mom's faces as their little ones would cry when they would try to place the baby in their dad's arms. Doing prison ministry with the Soul Choir has taught me so much. For one "Don't do Drugs" and two "Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul"... for without him there is no telling where my humanness could take me. By the grace of God I have been set free, by the Grace of God my sins are forgiven. I am no different from that inmate. Their sin is just like my sin.

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