Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Session Concert!

This past week was completely crazy for me! It started out with Advising Extravaganza.. which the name always cracks me up... for next semester! I am taking 17 hrs. Then Tuesday night was the session show! We worked so hard preparing everything, and it ended up being incredible! I am soooo proud of session.. we pulled it together so quickly and I actually arranged two of the pieces with Melodie and Lauren, "Hold on" & the "Bob Marley Medley". I added the picture from our poster, which was supposed to resemble the "Brady Bunch". The theme of the show was T.V. Night. I directed two movie clips, "The Drama" based on the show "The Office" and "Session Idol" based on the show "American Idol"! The movies were a hit! I am just happy that it is done and that we did well... FYI- I only have two more semester left of College!!! Can you believe it!? :)

Also... go and check out the "Session Idol" video that I directed on youtube...

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