Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Supplies

So today has been a little bit better for me. After school I went to one of my favorite places... Fat Straw... and got a pomegranate smoothie. And then I went to Staples to get a couple of flash drives for my Intro to Music Tech Class. So I need to tell you about a weakness I have... school supplies. I love school supplies! I stood in Staples for 45 minutes just mesmerized by the colors and designs. I could probably spend lots of time and money in any store like this. Especially Michaels... I love that store. Funny story... One day Andrew and I were out and about and he told me that he had something for me later. Although I don't remember all the details to the story, I do vividly remember that when we arrived back at his house he whipped out these highlighters that were different colors and that had built in post-it notes. The man definitely knows the way to my heart. His comment about the gift was that he was at the store the other day and he saw them and knew I would love them. So during my Music Publishing class today... I used them! Thank you Andrew for feeding this addiction. My notes would be so boring and dull without those highlighters. So I had to make myself leave Staples and come home to get some work done. Maybe in heaven God will have a welcome home present full of pretty school supplies waiting for me.


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christi said...

Hey sister! I LOVE school supplies too. I'm such a dork. My brother showed me how to find your blog the other day, so I could see the pics of you guy's new place. Sooooo cute. (my)Andrew and I can't wait to come visit.