Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clean your plate syndrome...

Sooo... I may be a little bit of an hypochondriac. One time I diagnosed myself with lyme disease.  True story.  Andrew just rolled his eyes and asked if he could get remarried after I died.  God knew I needed that man :)

But I can say that I really have this next thing.. the "Clean your plate syndrome".

Y'all... I am down to the last few baby weight lbs that will not seem to depart from me even though I have asked them to leave in Jesus' name!

I have a problem.  And don't let me believe that I am the ONLY ONE  out there that struggles with this. When we go to a resturant and order a plate of food, without realizing it.. I EAT EVERYTHING IN SITE!  I guess it is a little bit of a self control issue.. ok may a big one.

I get to talking and enjoying myself and the next thing you know I am picking up the plate to lick the crumbs off.  Ok, not really... But you better believe that I finish the food on my plate. I have a hard time leaving food untouched if I have paid money for it.  Heaven forbid that I get a doggy bag.

Before I got married I didn't really have this problem.  I would eat a little here and a little there and manage my weight pretty well.  But when I married Andrew it was a different story.  I began to cook several meals a day for us both and then formed some bad habits.. like.. getting the same portion size as him or rewarding ourselves every day with dessert for numerous reasons.  Andrew and I can find any and every excuse to "reward" ourselves with food.  It is really hilarious.  One time we got milk shakes from Steak and Shake because we were celebrating the fact that I had only gained 10 lbs in my entire pregnancy.  OMGoodness!  HAHA!  I think I gained another 10 lbs just from that milk shake.
The point is... it's time to eat smaller.  Eat to live, not live to eat. 
Stay fit and healthy all my fellow hypocondriac's out there! 

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