Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My day.

Here's a little glimpse of what my day looked like..

While talking on the phone with Andrew this morning, he mentioned that Genesis Diamonds in Nashville now carries the Tacori brand.  He told me that we should get all dressed up and go get my ring cleaned.  You know.. we don't want any one at Genesis Diamonds thinking we are rednecks or anything... :)

Somebody is fighting sleep today...

Look at those eyelashes!!  She got those from me :)

Ginger is fighting sleep too.  And look at that HONKER!  She didn't get that from me... :)

Ummm.. it's a little difficult to touch up your nails when you have a almost five month old.  This may take me all day.  But it will get done!

The name is my favorite part about the nail polish.  Muchi Muchi

It's 6:21 and I already feel like going to bed. 
Good night y'all.

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