Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's Tough Being a Woman!

Today, I just needed to type out what was on my mind.  My heart is hurting for our world. 

Here in America, we have become very selfish human beings.  It's got to be all about me or it can't be about anyone.  The American dream is not just about becoming successful anymore... it has become more than that. 

There are parents out there that are feeling the pressure to make sure their children are the best at everything!  Putting their children in a million different sports by the time they are four years old and dishing out severe emotional whiplash when those children fail at anything whether in school or extra-curricular activities.  And don't get me wrong.. I am all about teaching your children how to be smart and driven individuals.  But there is definitely a fine line there that is often blurred in our culture.  And it is not only the children in our society that are thrown these expectations.  It is often the adults that feel the effects of this movement as well.  There are those parents that live vicariously through the success of their child or they ditch their child and live out their own dreams. 

Toddlers and Tiaras.  Meet Mackenzie...

There is this new idea that mothers need to define themselves and that by doing that, leaving your husband and children to make that happen is acceptable. 

A Today Show Special

WRONG!  That is a lie that Satan has thrown at mothers across America.  Believe me.. You can be a mom and a wife and still be YOU!  The problem is that women and men alike are defining themselves by what they do and how successful they are at that one thing instead of defining themselves as child of God first and foremost.  Our priorities have gotten all out of whack. 

When I was in college I saw this all the time.  Being a commercial music major in a very successful fine arts program you are taught how to make yourself marketable.  It's all about being the best and always striving to become better and better and better.   There is a difference between always learning new things and striving to become perfect.  I saw young girls destroy themselves after a performance at school when they didn't do it perfectly.  Accepting ourselves for who we are as women in this society is a challenge.   And becoming a wife and a mom does not mean that your life is over.  When I married Andrew and especially when I became pregnant with our first baby, a lot of people that I knew looked at me and would say, "well, I just really wish you would have done this and this and this before all of this happened."  Well, gee... thanks.  So basically, what you are telling me is that because now that I am a wife and a mom my life has officially ended?  That because I didn't reach my ultimate potential before I got married and had kids that means I will never reach it?  That's a pretty sad way to look at how God created our world. 

Being a wife and a mom is hard work!  The one thing that will make it harder is by letting that take precedence over your relationship with God.  It can become very overwhelming taking care of every one and every thing when no one is pouring anything into you. 

Husbands, love your wives more than you love yourselves!  Tell them how great of a job they are doing.  Surprise them often.  Help them live out their dreams.  Two people can really make accomplishing dreams a whole lot easier than one person.

Ladies, wake up with purpose!  Wake up knowing that God is going to show you something remarkable before your head hits the pillow again.  Spend time with him first thing in the morning searching for his purpose for you. 

If you are looking for some guidance in how to find that purpose in your life I recommend the biblestudy "Esther,  It's Tough Being a Woman" by Beth Moore. 

Esther, It's Tough Being a Woman from LifeWay Media on Vimeo.

Stay strong all you Moms out there!  I'm praying for you!


Cindy said...

Amen! People look at me odd when they find out I've got a Master's degree and I'm at home with my little guy. One person even told me, "what a waste." I gently corrected them to explain, "THIS is the most important job I'll EVER have." I had to learn this the hard way...I'm a recovering work-a-holic. Praise God that this is one lesson you will not have to learn! I pray your blog will resonate with other women so that they may take the easy road as well! :D

Glenna Laughlin said...

Hi Terra,
I just wanted to let you know that I really loved this post. I think God really annointed what you said! Thank you for sharing your heart on your blog. I for one, love lurking! :)